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Originally Posted by kellymac530 View Post
I have let it go...

I am HOPING Joe actuall CAN and DOES reinvent the wheel here and build a better bike for less money.

I am the first guy to put my deposit down on his first production bike that accomplishes the task at hand.

Build on Joe

Hi Kelly lets put an end to this bull plop shall we.

Just for your clarification ill explain what the design brief was/is for the bike.

Firstly all I wanted to do was build my version of the dr650 and at no point did I believe it was going to be better than any other bike other than a stock dog rooter.
The ktm killer name tag was a joke, now humour seems to be a forren concept to you so I forgive you for going off the deep end about the ktm killer remark.

Once that engine went pop I decided I'd rather put a different engine in the frame, if you read back through the thread you will see that one of the requirements of the new engine was it had to be a low tech air cooled motor.
A few people suggested the gs500 motor because of it reliability and similar weight and power.
After trying to fit the gs motor to the dr frame I realised to many compromises had to be made so I decided I would can that idea and do some learning so that i can build my own frame.
The bike I want out if this is a light(ish) simple, air cooled, fuel efficient and good handling adv bike that I can take to the dessert with some gear on the back.

At no point did I ever seriously say that I was going to build a bike better than everything else out there (that project is for a different thread).

And you are correct about ktm's I actually spotted a real one yesterday from a distance and it looked ok.

And just so you know the point of this thread and bike build is the point is you don't have to get the point only I do.
Get the point now?

Have a nice day

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