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Originally Posted by DRjoe View Post
Hi Kelly lets put an end to this bull plop shall we.

Just for your clarification ill explain what the design brief was/is for the bike.

Firstly all I wanted to do was build my version of the dr650 and at no point did I believe it was going to be better than any other bike other than a stock dog rooter.
The ktm killer name tag was a joke, now humour seems to be a forren concept to you so I forgive you for going off the deep end about the ktm killer remark.

Once that engine went pop I decided I'd rather put a different engine in the frame, if you read back through the thread you will see that one of the requirements of the new engine was it had to be a low tech air cooled motor.
A few people suggested the gs500 motor because of it reliability and similar weight and power.
After trying to fit the gs motor to the dr frame I realised to many compromises had to be made so I decided I would can that idea and do some learning so that i can build my own frame.
The bike I want out if this is a light(ish) simple, air cooled, fuel efficient and good handling adv bike that I can take to the dessert with some gear on the back.

At no point did I ever seriously say that I was going to build a bike better than everything else out there (that project is for a different thread).

And you are correct about ktm's I actually spotted a real one yesterday from a distance and it looked ok.

And just so you know the point of this thread and bike build is the point is you don't have to get the point only I do.
Get the point now?

Have a nice day

Look out joes just had a cup of tea.
Watch out if has a long lie down ,way to much sense coming .
being wrecked by bored and stroked posties....braaaaaaaaaap
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