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After playing Marder and Hetzer I switched to the US TD line because I wanted a Hellcat.

I'm now in a maxed out T49 with 80% or so crew and it's great fun. Stupid quick and a lot of punching power. More of a scout that can hold its ground.

Some like the is just a different style of play....I think they also have much better view range. I have been watching the t49's lately and I really want to try one....they do seem to hit hard...and will out run many scouts. I bought an E8 last weekend and really like the E2 much better....I may sell the E8 and work on the american TD line so I can give those a many said above, I am not that great of a tank driver, but I do have some killer TD matches. Anyone that can get invader in that slow ass prem french TD must do something right once and a while.
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