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I just got through the T 25 AT and the T 25/2 (both the American tier-7 TD's), and I liked both. I played in a platoon with a clan mate who was in the tier-10 American TD that has the turret (so the 110E3 ? ), and he said he absolutely loves it - perhaps more than any other tier 10 he owns. He did great with it in battle, too.

I guess that's the direction I'm going to take since the non-turreted American line takes a nose-dive, IMHO, with the T-28 ... I mean, sure, T-28's are effective, but compared to the previous really fast attack T25 AT, I don't think I'm up for being that slow and losing the advantage of a turret at the same time. Especially not since the T95 comes after it, and I think every player knows whether or not he is T95 material (the T95 being massive, ultra-slow compared to other same-tier TD's and anything else on the battlefield, but having a big gun and big armor)... far, far too slow for my play style, so I guess I will skip it for a good while.


If you come to terms with the Lee, it really is a fine TD for its tier. I know I didn't, and you can probably still find rants against the Lee that I made on the WoT forums from back in the day. But then I had to do it all over again for my second account, and that time I got through it just fine by altering my play style and expectations. You just have to let other people light up the enemies, and have to stay back a little. (The most classic 'Lee' death-move I see is a Lee attempting to cross a battlefield with his side totally exposed to me and others ... it's as if, turret or no turret, most Lee divers are just oblivious to the fight going on anyway - don't do that and you'll be much better off.)

And remember - no matter how much you hate that Lee, or any other tank, never use your limited free XP to finish a tank grind to the next-level tank. To be effective, have more fun, and earn XP faster, only use your free XP to upgrade the next new tank (i.e. tracks, turret, gun - IMHO always the gun first if you have that choice) you grind to.

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