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Originally Posted by LuciferMutt View Post
14.4V for fully charged?

12.9V is fully charged. Anything over that means the battery is being actively charged at a high rate.
Every battery charger including the three battery tenders I use take a battery to 14.3 which is considered max voltage. From there its switches back and forth like your seeing. After a charger is unplugged it will come back to 12.6 or 12.8 (which is correct for a 12v battery) sooner than later. the 14.3 is considered what a good charging system will create at full service,below 12.6 after sitting its questionable of its serviceability. Stick a DVM on it while cranking the bike over for several seconds, if it falls below I wanna say 10.5 volts then its pretty much spent.
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