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Back to the OP. Nice KX BTW. Back in the day the companies built just such bikes with autolube, long gearing and all street gear. The big problem of MIXING gas/oil did not exist. For EPA reasons these ceased to exist due to emissions. Hopefully they will come back someday (Husky 300???). The other problem that you have with 2 strokes is the really poor fuel mileage that even pretty large gas tanks don't fix very well. You can ride a properly jetted 2 stk on the street just fine and if geared correctly and running in midrange they are smooth enough. As long as you are only riding short distances like 20 miles there is no problem. Just don't do this at full throttle! Of course you would not run a 4 stroke like that either. Watch for that Husky 300. Supposedly lo-emissions ,autolube and good fuel mileage may be back on a 2t.
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