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I took a look at your carb stats and have a couple of comments:

The 6FJ6 needle that you are using has a taper that starts at 35.2mm down the needle. I have always used a 6DH3 needle with good results. The taper on the 6DH3 needle starts at 22mm down the needle. This will give you added fuel to the mix much earlier in the throttle movement. This should eliminate the lean spot just off idle.

My second thought is that a Q5 needle jet is a bit large for the application. My guess is that you will end up with a mid to lower P range needle jet. The needle/needle jet control the mix for most of the commonly used highway speed throttle range of 1/8 to 5/8 throttle, so it is most important to get these correct. Then move on the the main jets. I think you'll find you need to go smaller on the main jets too.

What ever pilot jet makes it idle well in the 1 - 2 turn range of the air screw is the correct setting.

Good luck.

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