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Good one:
For designing parts I like to think in terms of the steps to actually manufacture it. Start with a big block or rod and start carving like you'd do on a mill or lathe. I don't like adding - I like taking away material just like the machinist will. For assemblies I mate features to constrain parts in the same way and same order as I picture myself assembling them.[/QUOTE]
I'll be doing the 4 day intro, followed a few weeks later by the 4 day advanced.
I'm confident I can model the parts. I've done the packaged tutorials. I'm concerned about putting together assemblies however.
Probably my main concern is the change to the creative process. My thought process will be changed by the constraints of the new software. I can't really describe how I create my designs, but Autocad is an integral part of it.
Cad is a tool. A means of communicating your ideas. You can be a great cad operator, but a shitty designer. You can make beautiful models of things that won't work or can't be made.

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