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No pics of progress, since it was either too cold or too humid to do any more painting over the weekend, there's really nothing to look at yet. Still waiting on parts to come in (mainly the rear wheel and the XL600 forks) before I can make any more real progress.

I replaced the steering bearings with new tapered roller bearings, drained, removed, and flushed the radiator, wirebrushed the rust off a bunch of fasteners (everything's going back on with antiseize on it, this bike's going to be ridden in winter), cleaned up the wiring harness connections, and gave the engine a quick scrubdown - the factory paint is actually still in pretty good condition, so I'm just going to leave it for now. Not really worth repainting it right before winter.

I'm trying to decide between the Shinko 244s and 705s for tires. I live in an urban area so most of my riding will be on the street since this will be a commuter. Any dirt riding will be on weekends or days off. So I'm leaning toward the 705s as they're more street-oriented. But, I also plan to ride this as often as possible, short of ice storms or blizzards, so I need grip in the snow. Seems like the 244s might be a bit better for that. I'm also considering buying some of the Aerostich studs and I feel like they would work better in the 244s as well. Any input or other suggestions would be appreciated.
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