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Originally Posted by NativeSon View Post
You're a troll in the worst way possible. I don't just mean in an internet sense either. I literally picture you living under a bridge. With a laptop. Writing things on advrider just to annoy people.

A. Muschamp isn't a douchebag, and if Linzi wants him gone to get Spurrier back, then she obviously doesn't remember the era well. Spurrier was easily one of the most hated men in college sports. He went into Athens one year and put 50 points on the board just because he could. He also did exactly what Muschamp did when he left Gainesville for a better job. What does Paterno have to do with Muschamp? The point is that even the most sainted personas in college sports had serious flaws. So far, every "good guy" in college football has eventually been exposed as a sociopath. If we're going to be in business with the devil, one might as well hope we end up winning a few damn games.

B. You're equating refusing to retire to harboring a child molester? Want to go down that road pal?

C. Ironic how when your school starts to lose, academia should scrap athletics.
Well, if I could live under a bridge and get an internet connection, I'd most likely do it. But currently, I full time RV and I'm in Las Vegas.

I'm retired, and I have all day to aggravate people like you that load up the 'nets with false equivalencies.

It also appears from your post that reading comprehension is not one of your big selling points. You equated douchebaggery with character and morals, and I'm just wondering how you got there. My contention is that you can have a lack of character and morals and not be a douchebag. Paterno was certainly lacking in C&M, but he never demonstrated douchebaggery that I am aware of.

As for me wanting to scrap college football because Texas is on a losing streak? Please reread what I wrote a couple of times and hopefully it'll become clear to you.

And seriously, do you drink while posting? How in the hell do you get to: "You're equating refusing to retire to harboring a child molester? Want to go down that road pal?"
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