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Originally Posted by 2Trider View Post
"don't plan on doing a lot of road riding"
The bike will travel forever on the roads....put 14/42 gearing on and off you go...oh and pull the rim locks and/or balance the go slay some twisties....wait lets add some supermoto rims and we just killed the street with a insane ride Do some urban assault...oh yah... let the fun out for them coppers though
It's not the bike that is of issue, it is the rider and whether he/she wants to do it.
Again all about compromise.........

And gearing is a problem....even though the 300 is wide ratio the stock sprockets 14/50 do not perform well at is not in the happy spot. So sprocket changes are in order depending on what compromises you want to make for the day.
I know the bike will be fine, I ride my ktm 250sx about 15 km on tar every time i go to the track or to the local enduro loop.
Its just that bike will murder the rider if he uses it on the road constantly.

If he wants to use it on tar for long rides he should get one of those comfort soft seats. Ktm seats are very hard even the enduro bike seats and like you said he should get tires that match the terrain, its either those dual sport tires or full slicks and an set of 17" rims.

This i like very much.

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Similar project in the works
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