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I am all good here. I do get alot of your humor and have not been offended. I do realize that you are just hassling us orange koolaide guys. I am just hassling you guys back more than actually having my panties in a bunch.

I have been on discussion boards way too long to get my feelings hurt of online differences...seriously, If I ever get down to Oz I will look you up and buy you a beer.

I want to ride whatever it is you build....I better plan my trip there for a few years down the road though then ehh...

I hope that if you went back and looked at my posts here imaging that I am laughing as I read and type you might see a funnier are poking...I am is all good.

I am DEAD serious here, if you end up building something really cool I want to ride and maybe buy one...

Build away oh Wizard of Oz.
it is easier to ask for forgiveness than permission
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