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Its all great to have bragging rights and the silly little certificate,...........but honestly, ALCANRider has said, ride till your tired and enjoy it.......

I personnally was all wound up all the documentation for my ride in 2011. I kept the journal, every flippin gas receipt, mileage written down with faith at every stop. I did all I needed for the Ultimate Coast to Coast to Coast Challenge. I did Key West to Prudhoe Bay and back to Key West, 14,866 miles in 34 days.....guess what? All the shit for the IBA is still sitting on my dresser. I know in my head that I did it.......don't need a certificate that you actually have to pay for to get. What I do have the is the look of amazement from so many people when I tell them about my ride, alone, and then the pleasure of seeing on intent they are on hearing of the trip and the adventure. I didn't even finish the RR because I got myself so wrapped up in it during the first part of the trip, that after I just didn't care about it. I have the pics and the memories.............

Do the IB, get your certificate if you must....but ride the damn bike and enjoy it!!! One day I might actually send the stuff in, and the reason why.....when I am dead and gone, my kids will have something to show their kids that they can do anything they set their mind to.

sorry for the soapbox.........really.......
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