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Originally Posted by Barike View Post
In my opinion, some maps are simply too big for tier 1's to be running around on... You'd have 15 1-on-1's and I don't see that as being good for teaching teamwork at low levels... Maybe I'm thinking about it wrong, I dunno...

No, I think you're right.

Evidence is in the tactics and routes that 1/2 to 1/4 of larger tier teams take that never get taken effectively on some of the maps they do play (or if they do take them, they're out of both contact with the enemy and radio range with their team for far too long). Tier 1's just don't need a lot, or many, maps, and for tier 1's or tier 2's there is map memorization that is aided by fewer maps. Let new guys learn those, then learn other maps in due time, because learning the nuances of each map (and each play style on each map) is about as important as anything in the game.

Originally Posted by FPGT72 View Post
.I think that these flows would be no different on low tier matches. You may have one lone wolf buzzing to an area not well traveled but that would be all the better.
I'm gonna disagree. I don't know if you'd call me a veteran of the game, but I played all the available lines together back in 2011, so I was duly surprised at the reality of maps and routes once I started Tier 1 all over again when the french came out.

Could they use the entire map on all maps? Yes. Do they? No, they really don't.

Now is that a question of experience? I'm now guessing that no, it isn't, since taking a side route in a really slow tank means no enemies will be encountered, and the opfor can cap at leisure. Moreover, as I argued above - why overburden new guys with all of the maps? I see a complex balance vs. numbers of guys actually using the small tanks issue as well.

I think a full rotation would only serve sand-baggers who were picking on new guys or trying to improve their win ratio. No one respects those people anyway, so why make it more pleasant for them to boost their stats?

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