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What I found on a certain dual sport motorcycle known for wheel issues, is that keeping the tires inflated to the "max" pressure stated on the sidewall definitely helps prevent broken spokes, spokes pulling through the rim, and elongated holes in the hub. Low tire pressure allows the wheels to flex to much, and things begin to wear and eventually break. High pressure in the tires holds the wheel assembly in place better, and results in less flexing. I know high pressure is not good for off road or dirt road riding, due to a loss of traction, but on this particular bike, it can save your wheels. And I've never had any problems controlling the bike like that. But I also ride slow off road, I'm a trail rider, not an MX racer. (not anymore anyway) Low pressure would be better, but you would need stronger wheels. Wheels with straight pull spokes would be best.

Freeway legal is what I need. I have no plans for extended freeway travel on such a small bike, but sometimes you need to ride a short distance on a freeway. I am planning a trip where I will need to ride several miles on a freeway on my Zuma 125. I'm way more afraid of getting stopped by a cop than getting run over. Neither motor driven cycles nor pedestrians are allowed on the freeway, so not only would I get a ticket, but the cop would probably call a tow truck to pick up me and the scooter, at my expense. Being freeway legal would prevent a scenario like that and allow me to concentrate on the traffic instead of being paranoid about cops.
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