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I forgot the best part! Well, not best, but amusing anyway.

As we went through the agriculture check station in Truckee, Hans said that his earplug came out and motioned to the side. We pulled over on the highway just after the ag check where there was a big island surrounded by eight lanes of westbound highway. He parked and put down his kickstand, but it didn't quite deploy. 600 pounds of motorcycle and gear ungracefully laid gently to the tarmac. I of course started laughing. Laughing so hard in fact, that I failed to notice that with the angle of the gutter, my bike was precariously upright on its kickstand. As I dismounted, I pushed off my bike and it toppled over in the other direction. There we were two fluorescent morons on the side of the I-80. A car honked at us. Truckers were laughing as they rumbled by. Truly humiliating and funny as hell. I wish I would have gotten a photo.
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