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Merlin, I understood that they were deaths, not just attacks. I was going off of the wiki link that was posted. The lower 48 states is what I was refering to. and using this chart from that site page:

Locations of fatal bear attacks in the United States
Gold: WildBrown Bears
Black:WildBlack Bears
Blue: Captive bears (all species, includes Polar Bear)

I hope that comes out right when this posts. That is at the bottom of the wiki page.
If you look at that page there is a break down from 1900-2012 for all of North America. There were only 38 deaths in the lower 48 according to that page anyway...I do not know for sure though. The point still was that MANY of them were captive bears so that lowers the total wild attacks quite a bit.

The thinking for me is that out of MILLIONS of campers every week in all of the USA and only a few attacks per year and only a few deaths per decade the odds are MUCH higher for a riding injury than a bear injury.

For me, and I can ONLY speak for me-others of course need to make their OWN informed choice, I refuse to live my life afraid of what "might" happen and miss out on what WILL happen if I just try.

We surf here in sunny so cal and there is always a risk of shark attack. My absolutely gorgeous 18 yr old daughter surfs every week at least once. Do I fear that an attack is a possibility? YEP. But I know she loves it and the odds are very low.
Monday I went snorkeling in La Jolla SD Ca and was out about 1/2 mile swimming with a few Sea Lions on the kelp bed edges, a known Great White hang out....I love it though and feel refreshed out in my ocean, alive.

BE CAREFUL, be informed, be SMART....but LIVE life.
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