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Originally Posted by Navin View Post
Alot of riders wanted less and do use these off road. Look at the other thread with the poll numbers! Sounds like you defined yourself as a street riding adv poser squid and then slammed them?

My 950 has been 95% off road use and its been fun. A new one that weighed 380-420 lbs would have been better.
DAMMIT! I am a poser! Ya got me!

Now give me my mochafrappachaitea super vente on ice and

This is what got me into "Adventure Touring".... This was a TOUGH afternoon. 94 degrees / 80% humidity, by myself and 16 miles from the nearest road.... oh, and the reserve light came on just seconds before this mess happened.... "ooops?"

This is how I learned that even if you are strong enough to lift a 900lb beast, the GROUND may only support 50lbs... I got in position.... gathered all my strength (cause I had already tried lifting it and the mud was sucking it down into the Bermuda Triangle so it would. not. budge...) huffed some 02 a couple times to get ready and then....... heaved like a sumo only to drive my feet down about half the length of my legs.... Awww shit.... So I took off my pants and started working on this problem in my underwear and socks... It was about then I realized the misquitoes were extremly happy with both my arrival and my prodigious surface area... no air traffic control issues with me around - EVERYBODY has a place to land! I also started to hear banjo music playing softly in the woods....

There was mud halfway across the dash after this.. and I had to get my ass moving cause I had a dinner show to get to! EVERYONE laughed at me when I walked into the dinner...

So I went out and bought a basically brand new GSA - this is a couple days afte I bought it :

This was tougher than it looks, everything around the water holes was ice..

A little later : (Prettiest bike there I might add! )

Getting to know the guys... gee, this is FUN! :

And then, just a few minutes later..... on a smooth, flat fireroad....
And yeah, that fucking HURT! Hardest faceplant I've taken in a loooong time... BUT, I got to put new LED lights on it now! it doesn't look like it, but that's about $1500 or so in repairs there....

This helmet was about 5 days old... but, I am Sooooo happy I had this puppy on... I'm already "follicley challenged" as it is! :

I'm smiling because no bones were sticking out!

THIS is why I ride :

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