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Originally Posted by gtbensley View Post
Fellow fz1 owners, I could use a little help please. I am leaving in two weeks for a cross country trip, Maine to California and back, and am working on getting my bike in good condition. One problem or complaint I have had with the bike is poor, notchy like shifting. I realize this is a common complaint with the bike, however, mine seems worse then just a notchy trans.

I run rotella t 6 15-40. Shifting into first can be rough, almost like it goes click, click, click, and then pops in.

I have pulled the clutch cover and checked to see if the cap at the end of the shaft is still there, which indeed it is. I am at a loss for why it shift like crap.

Also, how far do you go on a tank? I hit the light about 160 miles but only seem to fill about 3.6-4.1 depending on how I ride. It's a 5.5 gallon tank correct?
Correct on the tank capacity. I get right around 40mpg city and 45 highway and also get the light around 160 miles on a full tank.

Re: the shifting, I can't offer a solution but i have notice that the shifting action gets much smoother once I've done a few miles and everything is up to temperature. The first few miles after startup can definitely be clunky. Also smoother after making some spirited sweeps through the rev range.
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