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Originally Posted by OldRoadToad View Post
Double darksided on the ToadWing. Never again will I put a motorcycle tyre on the back of my Wing. Another reason I would consider the newer HD touring rigs is that the wheel is large enough to take a car tyre. Mine is a run flat and looks new with 15,000 miles on it. the wear pattern on many such bikes (heavy weight tourers) is right down the middle. I can lean into turns and while many of my friends thought for certain I would burst into flames and die a horrid death because of this choice I made...Well, I have not and will not. The front tyre is a made to fit the rear of some bikes and again, I have no problems with it and some have reported getting 25,000 miles out of this tyre.

For those that worry I am going to turn this into a debate on darksiding a bike, fear not. I will erase my words after a while and those that ride big tourers and are happy paying for a rear tyre that last less than half as long and costs three times as much may do so.

I wish I could get a new bike like the Road Glide Ultra. I am so used to a frame mount fairing now with my Wing and while I find the style of an E Glide to be gorgeous, I am more smitten by the Road Glide Ultra.

The Toad
I can see the lure of the dark side. With the Dunlops, I don't see the need, at this point. I think naysayers of the Darksides are just worrywarts. Car tires seem fine for the back of heavy touring bikes.

I'm gonna go with another Dunlop. Maybe in another 20,000 miles I'll go Darkside.

As to the Road Glide Ultra: it is a terrific bike. So much personality, so much room to stretch out. It's like a trusty has its flaws, but it's very very enjoyable.

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