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Originally Posted by KMC1 View Post
DAMMIT! I am a poser! Ya got me!

Now give me my mochafrappachaitea super vente on ice and

This is what got me into "Adventure Touring".... This was a TOUGH afternoon. 94 degrees / 80% humidity, by myself and 16 miles from the nearest road.... oh, and the reserve light came on just seconds before this mess happened.... "ooops?"

This is how I learned that even if you are strong enough to lift a 900lb beast, the GROUND may only support 50lbs... I got in position.... gathered all my strength (cause I had already tried lifting it and the mud was sucking it down into the Bermuda Triangle so it would. not. budge...) huffed some 02 a couple times to get ready and then....... heaved like a sumo only to drive my feet down about half the length of my legs.... Awww shit.... So I took off my pants and started working on this problem in my underwear and socks... It was about then I realized the misquitoes were extremly happy with both my arrival and my prodigious surface area... no air traffic control issues with me around - EVERYBODY has a place to land! I also started to hear banjo music playing softly in the woods....

There was mud halfway across the dash after this.. and I had to get my ass moving cause I had a dinner show to get to! EVERYONE laughed at me when I walked into the dinner...

So I went out and bought a basically brand new GSA - this is a couple days afte I bought it :

This was tougher than it looks, everything around the water holes was ice..

A little later : (Prettiest bike there I might add! )

Getting to know the guys... gee, this is FUN! :

And then, just a few minutes later..... on a smooth, flat fireroad....
And yeah, that fucking HURT! Hardest faceplant I've taken in a loooong time... BUT, I got to put new LED lights on it now! it doesn't look like it, but that's about $1500 or so in repairs there....

This helmet was about 5 days old... but, I am Sooooo happy I had this puppy on... I'm already "follicley challenged" as it is! :

I'm smiling because no bones were sticking out!

THIS is why I ride :

Uhm, KTM thread, and your trying to punt a fat cruiser with semi off road tyres... If you bought a KTM on the other hand, nice post!!

But, biker to biker, good to hear all bones are still in place :)
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