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Originally Posted by Beelzabob View Post
So a couple of us got to talkin' about how there seems to be a trend in sport with atheletes who's attitudes have become the poster children for the crying misfits and winey little beotches. The consensus was that regardles of talent level, the $ and or exposure had a negative effect on the behavior or they were just a prick to begin with. Here's a few names that came up.

MotoGP - Stoner
F1 - Hamilton
Football - Rivers (SD)
Basketball - Labron
Baseball - Arod

IMO, Hamilton has mellowed a lot in the last couple of years. Yes, he can be terse when asked the same dumb question over and over. There was a very nice and human one hour program on him last year. Not the same guy as the F1 driver.

Now, iffen you want to cite one F1 driver with attitude, it has to be Schumacher. A prick from A to Z, win at all costs, even if it means intentionally bumping another driver off the track. I am sooooo happy he hasn't done shit the last three years and that we'll finally not have to listen to him blame everything/everyone else for his failures.
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