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Originally Posted by KMC1 View Post
I'm in on this one!

Is there a link to accomodations, etc. yet?

Nothing that I've seen yet.

One thing I wish was that the Main Venue was setup closer to or at a camp ground/ Fair Ground. (Like the BMWMOA rallies) Find something with Cabins for those putting it on can stay in, or those Hoteling it can drive into town. Keep everyone as close together as possible.

At the end of the day, after a great ride, a large meal. Some beers at dinner are great, but getting on a bike to drive 10 miles out of town is a pain IMO.

I wish I could end the day, park the bike by the tent, and enjoy an evening of hanging out with fellow riders/campers. Walking around with a beer and good conversation around the fire.

The Camp night with Jimmy Lewis and crew was a perfect example and a great way to get fellow camping riders to travel in together.

Jimmy was a great addition to the Rally this year.

I prefer more Adventure-Outdoors and less Hotel-City, but that's me. It's 2 nights of camping, it does the body good to get out and smell the fresh air, see the stars, and have a drink around a fire with friends.

I have no say in it one way or another, but the more input KTM gets from riders that attend, I would hope the better the Rally would be and grow in the future.

It's great to see the Rally growing the KTM name is getting out.

What kind of thougths do others have about the event? (Just in case KTM does read this.)
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