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Originally Posted by d.burbach View Post
Riding a motorcycle is great, it's a blast and I love it, but at the end of the day it's just a hobby.
Luckily I am married to a wonderful woman who understands that motorcycles are far more than a hobby. Riding and wrenching on bikes is not something I "do", riding and wrenching on bikes is part of who I "am".

I have crashed and been laid up for weeks and never once was the subject of me not riding again come up. She has only has given me two demands in our 12 years together. I never ride w/o a helmet, and after hitting a deer and getting hurt pretty bad, that I never own another XB12X. (Not the bikes fault, I know, but a pretty simple demand to meet)

If someone has a spouse in their life that tells them "you can't do XY" I am sure there are other issues involved.
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