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Originally Posted by RedRockSA View Post
.....the battery and are you adopting a "hands-off" the throttle start?
I don't want to upset the apple-cart (and all the flushing & filter replacement) I have a 2003 F650 GS as well and had a similar problem a few months back -
My solution/cure was:
  1. charge/replace battery
  2. before start give throttle 3 full turns
  3. do not twist throttle when starting
  4. keep starter depressed until motor catches or dies

The reasoning ....

I checked the battery and it was slightly low, so left it on charge overnight - next morning was smooth as silk..... ...the following morning was back to burlap sacking. Once again a charge on the ever-so-slightly below par battery did the trick.....but not for long.
Suspecting a 'surface charge' on the battery I tested whilst 'under load' of starting & got confirmation when the voltage dropped faster than a feather in a vacuum chamber. One new battery later and no problem!
My habit obtained years ago with my Honda 500R (which required a more physical relationship) didn't help.
I am so used to giving the throttle a good wank together with a full body drop down on the kick-starter, that when the 650 was doing its 'cough'-'cough' start I just could not stop myself from trying to catch it with the throttle .... an absolute No-NO as it upsets all the readings and cannot set properly, resulting in a probable cut-off soon after, even with a new battery.
Also before attempting the first start with a new ( or re-charged) battery, give the throttle 3 full twists first (key off), remove hand and then attempt a proper key start.
Finally & very important...... continue depressing starter until motor either starts or cuts out entirely do not release the starter, if motor is turning over but not catching - wait for it to die or catch!
This starting process is a requirement of the 650 - necessary for correct readings and settings to take place & NO damage will occur.
When I added Sea Foam to my fuel, the sputtery throttle effect got worse. This led me to believe that the fuel filter was getting bad and the effect of the fuel addidtive was exacerbating the filter problem because it was clearing the system. I changed the filter/pressure regulator last night (good times). The sputtering/surging stopped. The start is still a little slow. I have had my battery off and on the charger all week. I ordered a new sealed battery that should be here Friday. Cross your fingers. I think this combo will fix it.
I do not use the throttle at all when starting the bike. Why the three turns on the throttle before turning the key? I was under the impression that without the bike running, the throttle was ineffective.
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