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Originally Posted by DAKEZ View Post
ANY person (male or female) that attempts to squash the dreams and desires of their mate should be kicked to the curb. It should be discussed and if the dream squasher does not relent then there is no point going forward with the relationship.

Cut your losses and move on. No sense dragging out the inevitable.
This is the gist of it, folks.

A relationship should have mutual respect going on, and I don't see it too often in relationships. One tries to bully the other, and a lot of times, men are cowed by their wives' demands. That's BS. When your partner tries to get their way by bullying, it's time to re-evaluate whether or not this is a person you want to be with. BTW...Women don't respect a spineless candy-ass, and they don't usually find men attractive when they don't respect them. They WILL also test you, continuously, to see if you still have a pair, whether they do it consciously or otherwise.

Being a man isn't about bullying or always getting your way, but a man SHOULD have some balls, instead of being afraid of his woman, his momma, what others think of him, or life itself.

BTW...If you can afford a fancy new bike every few years, you can afford a used KLR/DR, gear, and a decent amount of medical/term-life coverage, so at least your family isn't put in a financial bind if you wreck. Be responsible.

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