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Ride on Papa! Sorry to hear about the RA. Was the gin and tonic part of the treatment

What are you pulling behind the bike?

Hawk Missile Launcher?

Originally Posted by PapaYolk View Post
I was surprised to see this thread had not trickled away. I must say, quite entertaining. I guess my writing was less expository and more a self examination of how I ended flat on my back next to my bike with a goodly scuff on the back of my helmet. So the long and short of it is, I fell. I try not to fall a lot. I have RA in my hands, wrists, knees and feet. All the toes on my left foot are dislocated. I carry a cane strapped to my saddle bag. Mounting and dismounting my ride always involves a bit of pain and a carefully choreographed sequence of incremental movements. That day in Homedale, feeling adventurous after a couple gin and tonics in Marsing, I broke my routine, and fell.

Took about a month for my knee to reduce to it's normal creaky self.

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