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I rode nearly all of the unpaved roads that run through Michaux S.F. in both directions on the Wednesday the 10th, Thursday the 11th and Tuesday the 16th of October, 558.5 miles worth, including the paved connector roads! Other than fresh limestone that was being put down as I was flagged by the dump trucks and grader on Woodrow Road between Ridge Road and PA Route 233 (Pine Grove Road) on the 11th, which by the way wasn't alot of fun going down hill (east), but wasn't nearly as bad going up hill (west), sort of like riding in deep snow, the rest of the roads (other than a mile long section of Biesecker Gap Road that is!) are in the best condition I've ever seem them in, just why this is remains to be seen? I ran into a few hunters North of U.S. 30 on the 10th and 11th, even saw a few deer and dozens of turkeys, squirrels and chipmunks, but that wasn't the case south of U.S. 30, as there were dozens of hunters and their vehicles on every unpaved road in the forest, what was interesting was that I didn't see any animals, of any type, south of U.S. Route 30!? What I did see and got were alot of bad looks from several of the hunters and even a verbal blast from one of them as he drove by me in his maroon, super clean jeep, that probably doesn't see dirt roads much on Rattlesnake Run Road. Keep in mind that the number of hunters and their vehicles will increase to the hundreds on Saturday and you can expect to run up on them on a regular basis, most will wave you past, others who don't think you have the right to be there, will do there best keep you behind them, plus you'll need to pay extra attention to oncoming vehicles as well, seeing as the roads aren't that wide and many vehicles I passed didn't mind taking their fair share of the road and more in some cases. If you google the PA Game Commission website and click on the 2012-13 Seasons & Bag Limits page, you'll find there will be open hunting seasons of one type or another through Saturday February 23rd, take note that Piney Mountain Ridge Road will be gated soon after the last day of antlered deer season on Sunday December 8th and won't reopened until Friday May 24th, 2013. Also note that the Pine Grove Furnace State Park Fall Festival ( will take place on Saturday the 20th (11:00 A.M.-6:00 P.M.) and Sunday the 21st (Noon-5:00 P.M.) of October and the 10th Annual Michaux Team Challenge (MTeC), run, bike and paddle, will take place on Sunday October 28th, in and around Long Pine Run Reservoir on Milesburn Road. I plan to limit my rides through Michaux to Sunday's until after December 8th, I ride in Michaux to get away from the day to day rat race and normally I can ride there any day of the week and rarely see anyone else, that all changes in the fall once hunting season opens.

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