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I dunno if the OP is still around. But I figured I'd chime in none the less.

I personally have been fortunate enough to not have any catastrophic get-offs on the road or off. But I have dropped my bike a couple times and got caught under it going slow, and even with boots on you still end up a bit sore.

The point I wanted to make though is if you're considering the "fashion" aspect of riding gear, I know in the US there's a saying, "Everyone is sexy wearing a helmet." Granted this specifically states helmet, but I've never noticed it not to include other gear as well. I realize in other countries riding a motorcycle is far more common that in the US, but that still doesn't mean you can't make a social statement while protecting yourself as well. You've made it to the Advrider page, so clearly you view riding as something more than just basic transportation, so why not make the statement "I ride, and I'm serious about it" by dressing like it?

Plus as others have pointed out, there are plenty of reinforced "normal" looking boots that will do the job of protecting your feet and ankles and still look good doing it.
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