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I just plugged my intelligent charger on a L/A battery I ahum... forgot to maintain. I should check the log...4-5 months. No worries.

Charged now but alternating on the lights every few minutes. I'll leave it on for a couple days, alternating will still happen but at a much slower rate if I judge from others I have charged with it. But I forget stuff sometimes....getting old sucks, more to remember.

Starting voltage on that ahum...forgotten battery was around 10.35V. Of the top of my head in line with the hydrometer readings I took first and the load test I did with the load tester.Just takes a little time properly assessing a battery with basic tools, can't be too impatient with them most times.

The cheap 5 years old battery in the garden tractor is still "in specs" and so is the battery in the bushcar, 12 years old Diehard but I'll let them sit for a few days and check them again. Someone did a "Courtesy Check" on that Diehard 4-5 years ago and told me it was dying. I respectfully disagreed and did my own things with it,things I will not tell here for safety reasons, still starts the car and runs the winch...!That car is hard to start in the winter after sitting for a few weeks. Need lots of cranking power.
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