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Originally Posted by csustewy View Post
Hey Cory - always good to hear from you. Glad you are still enjoying the RR!

The TA moves along fine at those elevations (however, Radioman may disagree as we were recently tagging along with him riding solo on his F800GS...). She can't get anywhere in a hurry, but especially given that she's so loaded, she manages just fine. I finally switched out my clogged old pilot jets for some fresh new 0.040 DG pilots (1 step up from stock 0.038). I'd have to say that the TA was running better at ~16000 ft with those clogged jets (which makes sense), but I'm getting closer to finding elevation appropriate mixture settings. So far I have left the needle position and main jets alone, and still consider shimming the needle (like Ladder says in the TA thread), but am happy enough that I am in no rush to adjust that.

Thanks for the reply I to did the .40 pilot jets and left the rest alone. You two continue to live the adventure for us.
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