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Eek Riding an entire enduro circuit on a +400lb KLR

Shocking, I know.

People wonder if I'm stupid, crazy, or both. I like to think that I'm just stubbornly goal-oriented.

In 2011, I had a goal to ride the Western TAT solo. So I did. Then I let an inmate convince me to ride in an enduro. So I did. On my KLR650. I rode 3 races in fall 2011. It was fun and I didn't do too terribly.

For 2012, I figured I'd do some more racing. Why not set a lofty goal? Let's do an entire circuit on the KLR. I know other inmates have ridden their KLR in enduros and harescrambles, but I've never heard of anyone doing an entire circuit competitively. I'd do my best at the latter.

I'll sort of give you a bit of perspective on my experiences with this grueling endeavor. I have some pics, but mostly, I'll just be recapping the trials, tribulations, pain, and anguish for you.

Consider it a public service announcement, if you will. As if it wasn't already common knowledge that this sort of thing should not be attempted by anyone with an ounce of self-respect or decorum.

Stay tuned. The season just ended. It was a blast, but my KLR is now retired from enduro racing (with the exception of a special event I'm riding in November).

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