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Originally Posted by GSF1200S View Post

Ive read a few of your reports and now I find this thread! Great snowball you got rolling downhill here

Since I have not done a report, ill add a few brief things that I enjoy when reading a report.

1) Mixture between having a schedule and not having one. If the route is nothing but plans and needing to be in X location at Y time, I might as well be at work. At the same time, if there is no direction- no goal in mind- the report doesnt build with any intensity (passion). There are exceptions to this in terms of direction/location, but the good reports succeed in having ANOTHER goal (one that is not necessarily a destination).
2) Projection of personality. I want to know the reader and see the world through his/her eyes; simply saying where one has gone without bringing himself into the report makes everything mechanistic and void of feeling. This isnt to say one has to (or even should) give an autobiography of their life- just project their way of LIVING into the experiences they are having.
3) Have balls! I mean this in terms of what you do and how you explain it. I read a report of Fishfunds where he gave status update photos of his shit I honestly didnt look because I didnt want to see a turd, but at the same time I admired the balls he had to be himself. This makes me respect the man (women too), and thus the message.

Keep it coming
Very well said. Fishfund was one of my favorite writers because the RR was as much about him as it was about the trip and he was a very interesting person.
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