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Originally Posted by Disco Stu View Post
I ride everywhere I go. In hi-viz clown outfits. So I get lots of people telling me that they've always wanted a motorcycle 'but the wife won't allow it.' I'm not sure if so many men are really this pussified that they can't do what they want to do, or if they are just making excuses.

what do you do when guys say this to you? commiserate with them? tell them to grow a pair of balls and take charge of their lives? tell them to divorce the domineering beotch and enjoy the rest of their lives?
  1. It's an excuse
  2. It's called compromise - likely really wouldn't have ridden much, IOW if they really wanted it they would have got it.
  3. Their really pussies and the wife rules every aspect of their life

In any event, you'll never know the truth except whatever it is - it is their fault and their choice. It's not the wife's fault because you know what - they chose her and should have seen that coming.

Generally I don't say anything. I get it is one of the above and it isn't my business which it is. I talk bikes and move on. I don't judge them in any event.
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