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Originally Posted by sharkey
Sorry Greg, but that's just not true. It's a switching design. See the technical information on the website
I've just read their PDF on the subject. You are correct. I'm not if sure that's how the other manufacturers do it. I still believe its a less reliable design. The Thyristors are having to deal with switching the full output of the system rather than a 'normal' regulator simply controlling a field coil.

I was just trying to point out that like everything, there is no clear winner. It just depends on how you intend to use it as to which design comes out on top. The EnduraLast has its place.

Forums like this tend to exagerate claims and this was starting to look like "hey, everybody should dump their alternators--even if they're Omegas and go get this new's how BMW should have done it in the first place."

Unfortunately, every failure that I've had of this 'type' of system has been regulator AND stator. My guess is the electronics fail first (to ground) which overheats the stator and 'blam' they're both toast. My 86 Goldwing (500 watts) blew the charging system every 60K, like clockwork (three of them). After number one, I moved the regulator out to fresh air. It did nothing for the longevity. My friend's 95 Honda Shadow did exactly the same thing (50K).

Thanks for keeping me honest though
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