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What he said!

Originally Posted by dirty_sanchez View Post

We don't call them Vibes.

We call it Nervous Energy.

Seriously, you do get used to them and they tend to bother you as you drone down the hardtop. Offroad, you'll never notice them.

Changing the gearing makes a difference. On my '03, and the '07 you have to find the smooth in the rev range usually around 5k rpm and gear for 70 to 75 on the interstate. I toggled back and forth between a 15/42 and 17/42. I'll drop it down to 15/42 if I know I'll be on some more technical riding but real buzzy on the interstate. Stock is 16/42 FWIW.

Alternating two teeth in the front allows you to flip the rear axle block without having to fiddle with the chain tensioners at all.

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