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Originally Posted by johned View Post

I am trying to locate the guy on here that sells WarmNSafe. What brand did you buy and from whom?

Hi: I bought the warm and safe from there web site, easy enough and if you use the coupon code advforum you get a hell of a discount.

Originally Posted by Bluethumb View Post
I've only used an electric vest w/ an on-off rocker switch. Getting ready to spring for a Warm and Safe jacket but also thinking of getting their gloves. How hard is it to plug the gloves into the pigtails of the jacket?

I'll be wearing the jacket under an Aerostich. Seems to me that trying to plug the connectors together, with gloves on, would be a royal PIA. Do the pigtails extend out enough from under the sleeves to make it easy?

I've never used a "heat troller" before. Looking at the dual remote. Easy to mount and easy to use?

I'm going to be riding a R80ST back from NYC to Texas the first week of November. I'm thinking my old electric vest is not up to the task, so I'm going to invest in a liner. This thread has been really helpful. But I'm not sure I understand the remote heat troller, having a dual to run gloves and liner separate, and how everything plugs together. I'm picturing a wired nightmare every time I mount or dismount. With the old and tired vest, it was simply pulling the plug from the accessory socket.

Yes plugging the gloves into the jacket is a pia but doable. Unfortunately I have not yet used the jacket with my roadcrafter suite so I can't speak to the details but I bet it's also a pia. Right now I'm using the gloves with the long Y cord under my long jacket and it extends out from the sleeve enough to plug the gloves in before I even put them on.

No problamo with the dual heat-troler remote. You can youtube it but basically all the complicated wiring is done in the jacket. Just plug the jacket into the bike after you get everything set up and plug the gloves into the jacket. The dual function is setup with the receiver in the jacket. Right now I carry the heat-troller in my pocket but I will be velcroing it to the dash soon enough. I mean once it's synchronized all you do is plug in the jacket start the bike and turn on the heat-troler and your off, it doesn't use the accessory plug it has its own coaxial connector directly to the battery.

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I have nothing to compare it to but I don't know why if someone can afford it they wouldn't use it. It's the best!
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