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Originally Posted by Strong Bad View Post
Due to terrain issues alone a Sat phone is much better than a radio for bikes in Baja. If you rent a sat phone be sure to get the external antenna for the car, otherwise when driving the phone will ring and you will lose the signal before you can pull over, get out, and answer the call. Also top tip for using with the regular antenna is don't wander around while talking and make sure that while talking the antenna is straight up to the sky, not straight up from the phone (at 45 degrees to the sky). Sat phone signals are so weak they can be a pain in the arse.

A spot tracker is only good if someone is following on a computer. If you have someone back in the states following along they could then try to get a hold the chase crew's cell or sat phone.
My Wife was tracking me from the States with the SPOT and it was not very consistent, it would stop for no apparent reason and then start back up again.
Gave Her a scare a few times until She realized that it wasn't to be trusted 100%. Better than nothing though.
Just say'IN
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