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Originally Posted by It'sNotTheBike View Post

One of the first signs that someone is attempting to bs is when they start using
tricky jargon instead of words anyone can understand. This is a trick used by
lawyers, doctors, and other people who want to perpetuate the illusion that they
are special and possess knowledge the rest of us do not have. Ironically, a person
who is truly superior in knowledge and intellect will have the ability to explain
things without using words which are unfamiliar to the vast majority of people.

One has only to examine the lectures of Richard Feynman to understand that
this is not only possible, but that it also shows a true command of a subject. Feynman
was the real deal, a genuine genius, and he could explain the most complex
theories so nearly anyone could understand what he was talking about.

The above is spot on. The system is rigged by those who have money and
power, to benefit those who have the money and power. This is nothing new,
it has been going on since the days of serfs, lords, vassals, etc.

It's amusing that Dr. J made it through medical school and pulls down a lot of cash,
but it is a mistake to assume that everyone is capable of doing what he did and that
all that stands in their way is whether they are willing to work hard. Med school
requires a certain amount of intelligence that not all people have. Also, some folks are better ( or worse )
at memorization, and that ability can make or break you in med school ( ask anyone who has actually done it ).

The truth is that not all men are created equal, and some have abilities which are superior
and others have abilities which are inferior. The idea that everyone can make
it "if they just work hard enough" is not supported by reality. Not everyone
can succeed on a very high level, no matter how hard they try. If you doubt this,
ask a person who has tried out for an orchestra and not been given a position
despite the fact that they have practiced every day for their entire lives. Some
people are just better at some things than other people are. It is down to hard
work + native intelligence + innate ability, and all three of those things are instrumental
in the work of high achievers.

And some people's brains work better
and differently. If you don't think this is true, consider this : Richard
Feynman saw different terms in an equation in different colors when he looked at
a blackboard, despite the fact that the equations were written in one single color of
chalk. Do you think his brain was the same as everyone else's ? Or maybe he saw
things this way because he had worked harder ? Sorry, that is not the explanation.
Richard Feynman was a superior human. And it is quite likely that Dr. J is also a superior human,
who was born into unfortunate circumstances but who used hard work and the intelligence which
was a result of his genetic background to achieve great things. His hard work is admirable but is
far from the only reason for his success, and it is misleading to claim that hard work alone
was the reason that Dr. J succeeded. Sure, this flies in the face of a lot of stuff we are taught
in primary school in the US, but then a lot of what is taught in primary school is false. It's up to all of
us to discover the truth for ourselves as we proceed through life, and the most important tool in our mental toolbox
is the ability to think critically, which if used correctly means that you test things for yourself rather than
believing them without question. In this case, critical thinking made it possible to question the notion that
"anyone can achieve anything if he or she works hard enough", which is a false claim.

Be careful if this gets out.
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