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Hallo Thijs, wat een fantastische reis + bericht!

Thank you for the great ride report

@Blund: would love to see a few teaser-pics!

Originally Posted by Blund View Post

Morning weather
This picture is taken at Rv65, in Rindal , 3 km from where I grew up . There are several gravel options around here, none worse than Aursjøvegen, doable with loaded bike. To bad you were there at at a weekday,me and Der Panzerwagen (KTM 990 adventure) and the rest of the guys would be happy to guide you on 80-90% gravel from Trondheim to Aursjøvegen. (Which is a fairytale in it self. Got several pics to tease the public , if interested.) Nice trip , and gutsy so late this year. I went down approx 10 times this sunday, snow . .Studded tires and smaller bike next week.

I'll try to pay attention if there are other (foreign) ADV-ers in Trondheim area !
/hijack over
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