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Slowing Down
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Originally Posted by ka5ysy View Post
Don't let the clutch out so fast, and remember to add throttle to match the lower gearing. Problem solved.
Doug, i wish it was that simple. I've been riding motorcycles almost 50 years, and have learned every trick in the book to achieve smooth shifts. The best I have come up with for this bike is to blip the throttle as I pull in the clutch, and as the revs begin to fall slightly ease the clutch out as I engage the lower gear. It is a tricky shift that I get right about half the time, the rest of the time is no less a clunk than other methods, to include the one you describe. I had a 09 GS with the same challenge. Mostly this is the 3 to 2 shift. I expect it on the 2 - 1 shift, and going up through the gears is not a problem.

Our gearboxes are famous for being clunky and loud, and we have accepted that as just being the way they are. My question is if that can be a contributor to the high failure rate of the downstream components. The question is still an open one for me.

Other opinions?
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