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Doug, i wish it was that simple. I've been riding motorcycles almost 50 years, and have learned every trick in the book to achieve smooth shifts. The best I have come up with for this bike is to blip the throttle as I pull in the clutch, and as the revs begin to fall slightly ease the clutch out as I engage the lower gear. It is a tricky shift that I get right about half the time, the rest of the time is no less a clunk than other methods, to include the one you describe. I had a 09 GS with the same challenge. Mostly this is the 3 to 2 shift. I expect it on the 2 - 1 shift, and going up through the gears is not a problem.

Our gearboxes are famous for being clunky and loud, and we have accepted that as just being the way they are. My question is if that can be a contributor to the high failure rate of the downstream components. The question is still an open one for me. My RT clunks sometime when downshifting with the clutch pulled in. Guess that is BMW "character" !

Other opinions?
Hmm... Is the clunk you are hearing occurring when you press the shift lever with the clutch pulled in? I am not clear if the clutch is pulled fully, or if you are shifting while in the friction zone (some loading in the transmission), which would cause a jerk if the engine speed is not fully matched with the transmission. If you are describing the clunk you hear when shifting with the clutch is pulled in, that is not going to stress the U-joints as the drive line is not connected at that point.

My RT clunks sometime on downshifting with the clutch pulled in fully. Guess that is BMW "character" !

Something you might try is to preload the shifter lightly for the downshift, and without pulling the clutch in, roll off the throttle very slowly and see if the transmisson downshifts smoothly. This sounds silly, but you can do a smooth downshift without clutch if necessary, as easily as upshifts. Most convenient with broken clutch cables !
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