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Originally Posted by draglemmag View Post
So it’s September 18th and I am on the return leg of a trip I had started on the 9th from San Diego and now heading south from Vancouver, WA. I had just left my campsite (East Lake in Newberry Volcanic NM) outside of Bend, Or about an hour ago (around 8AM). I had stopped for coffee at a café in La Pine and as I did not need fuel at the time inquired as to where the next gas was. The nice lady behind the counter advised that the cheapest gas was at the Pride Truck stop in Gilchrist about 40 miles down the road. Sold….mounted up and took off on a perfect, crisp, cloudless, early fall mid-week cruise. Rolled into town about thirty minutes later and filled up as suggested. Great place…nice folks. Got another cup of joe and while enjoying it in the parking lot watched another bike…traveler actually as was evident given the side bags and duffle straddling the rear seat, roll up from the south and shut down in front of the island gas pump. I continued to watch the rider dismount and immediately noticed the distinct curves of a woman…and in full leathers. Instantly intrigued . But as I am standing there she keeps glancing my way and then waves in my direction. I glance around thinking that she was acknowledging someone she knew standing nearby but nobody else was around. Then she waves again. Really intrigued . I toss the half cup of coffee, get on and start up my VFR and roll over stopping beside where she is parked just finishing her refueling.
Me – Howdy…how’s it going?
Her – Good…
Me – Great day for a ride, huh?
Her – Yeah, it’s great…
Me – Where you from?
Her – Sonoma…had a few days off and decided to go ride for awhile. You?
Me – Oh, just cruising around…heading south back home to San Diego. Came up the coast, saw my parents in Vancouver…heading to Crater Lake today.
Her – Nice…by the way, I noticed your ADV patch on your saddle bag. What’s your site name?
Me – Wow, cool…its draglemmag. What’s yours?
Her – I’m darthpeach.
Me – WHAT! Seriously!?!
I then instantly recognized her because of her avatar…the eyes…they were exactly the same peering out from the inside of her white helmet. She had this black balaclava pulled up around her mouth and I couldn’t help but notice the weathered look of her leathers from many miles of riding.
Me – This is so crazy! I’ve read all your stuff! Can I get a picture? (I’m like this little school boy wetting himself in front of the pretty girl on the playground who is showing him some attention)
Her – Uhhh….sure

Her - Nice VFR...I really like that bike.
Me – Thanks! It’s so cool to meet you here like this!
So we had a few minutes of pleasant conversation, said our obligatory “ride safe” to each other and went our separate ways in opposite directions.
Great to meet you Peach! I’m glad you recovered from the bike trouble. Wish I had been there to help. Beautiful new Triumph btw!
So…it is just a special memory I have now from one of my trips that I had to share.
You are a wise guy for driving a red color cam geared VFR 750 but more than that, you are a lucky guy for having met darthpeach on the action

Cheers from Athens Greece
Riding along, singing a song, side by side, cha cha cha !!! :
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