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Originally Posted by elementalg20 View Post
I've found a 91' with the 40amp upgrade, nearing 90k miles but the belt and pump were done a year ago. The owner is an ST fan, not just someone that happens to own one, alot of nice add ons, stock seat and bar height, but has most anything else I'd think of. He's at 3k firm on it and it's likely worth it, just not sure I want to pony that much up right now, just too many other things I should be spending money on....we'll see.
If you buy an ST, you should buy one from an "ST guy" that knows the bike and has taken care of it accordingly.

I had a 98 model and put 40k on it all over the US. Fantastic motorcycle. And with suspension upgrades - there were many guys on sportbikes wondering who that guy with the saddlebags and CB antenna was that just passed.

Mine was freaking CHERRY and I hated to sell it because I knew I'd never find one like it again. But, we had a few kids and I stopped taking long mile or multi day rides all the time and it was just a little too big and a little too heavy for playing around locally. Kind of like you need to run out to the store and get a gallon of milk real quick - and you've got an F-350 Dually and a Jeep Wrangler in the driveway. Nothing in the world wrong with the F-350, but you're gonna jump in the Jeep.

They aren't comfortable for some people STOCK, but seat change, bar change or risers and they can be super comfy. I did 1326-miles in one sitting on mine and physically felt fine when I got home, mentally I was smoked. LOTS of guys do BIG day miles on these bikes, they can't be all that uncomfortable.

Damn, just reliving this is making me miss mine ....

And don't let anyone tell you they won't handle the twisties - me and YellowWolf had a great run across the Prison Road TN 116 one day. If you don't know who he is, google him and watch some of this videos of running his Wing across the Dragon.

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