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Heh, ItsNottheBike.....THANK YOU for hitting the nail dead center on the head!!!!! I've argued this point with several 'anything is possible' folks, but they refuse to get it because they've never TRIED the ANYTHING!!! I had delusions of grandeur when I was playing college golf (actually won a few tournaments and a state championship) about turning 'pro'. And then reality hit while playing a big tourney when my competitor hit a shot I hadn't even considered! If I can't hit that shot in a college tourney, I got no shot at the matter how hard I worked. I simply didn't have enough TALENT! I relatively fast on my track bike, but no where near the track record and Casey is faster on a moped!!!

Like you said, the simple fact is we are NOT created equal! Newton, Einstein, Feyman, and those great minds, see things differently. Casey is different on a m/c from everybody else because is more talented then everybody else. I'm OK with this and have never had an issue with it. A buddy, who came from a humble family, is now a millionaire because he made that the focus of his life. I chose another path and have experienced/felt 'life' from a point that my buddy never will. My career choice has left me comfortable, but definitely not rich, but I continue to point my life to 'feel & experience' those things that I consider important and critical. buddy is jealous of my humble financial life, but refuses to step outside the box he's created to expience/feel life.
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