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Originally Posted by Stinez View Post
My point was more about the long history of the Yankee's using their money to attract A's players to their team/city than anything I could predict.

I don't know where he'll end up but I do know that the A's won't be able to afford him beyond this contract if he stays healthy and keeps improving.

The Giants could use a great left fielder and I'd like to see him stick around this area.
I just started reading this thread on this page, so I have no idea which player this is directed at. I do know however that the A's have about a 12-15 year track record of specifically NOT keeping players once their "market value" becomes too high. It is a brilliant plan in all honesty.

And yes, the Yankees have often been on the receiving end of this strategy, mostly because they have historically had the most money to spend. I did hear on ESPN Radio this morning that they are looking to cut payroll, starting with A-Rod if they can find someone to take his contract (which is still worth over 100 Million for a 36 year old player)..
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