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Getting to know my Montana a bit better. Liking how it leaves my routes alone. Can someone answer 2 Q's my searches have ended up empty on?

1. I always used Mapsource before, but am working with BaseCamp now. In MS, as you built a route, it would keep a running total of it's mileage over on the left side of the screen. I can't find that feature in BC. Is it there?
I'll take a stab at this one.

Create a route in Basecamp, and convert it to a track.
Transfer both the route and the track to the Montana.
When using the Montana, select the track to "Show on Map" and select the track color of your choice.
Navigate using the route, with routing in a color different than that of the track.
The route should show on top of the track.
Of course if you were using the Mac version of BaseCamp the Total Milage of the Route you are creating will be displayed on the Status Bar at the bottom of the window. It's updated as you develop the route.

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