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Originally Posted by ducnut View Post
I put a set of Conti Motion, on my 1050. The tread is definitely shallower than the premium priced stuff, but, I gave $197 for the set. I usually pay that much for just the rear, with premium tires. Obviously, I'm going to get less mileage out of them; maybe half.

I thought the aforementioned Conti Motion were made in Germany, since they're Continental. But, they're made in Malaysia. At first, I was concerned. However, I've ridden most of the summer two-up. There might be a 1/4" of "chicken strip" left. Other than tire life, because of the reduced tread depth, I've got no complaints about them.

Strangely, I was on AMT's site, yesterday, looking at Full Bore's 120/180 offerings ($170 set). I was, also, looking at Michelin's Pilot Road 3, as they offer a "special" two-up rear tire that I'm curious about. I just have to get over the price difference and remind myself that they'll probably last twice as long as the cheap stuff. Unlike, a lot of motorcyclists, I'm willing to experiment with the off-brands, on the street.
I ran through two sets of Conti Motions, one on my CBF1000 and one on my wife's Street Triple. I had no issues on my CBF but Jodie didn't like the Conti's because they squirmed when crossing the painted lines or on tar snakes. Put a set of Michelin PR2s on her Street Triple and she loves them, says they're rock stable. We both got about 12,000kms (7500miles).

I really like the BattleWings on the Tiger on the street and have a set of TKC80s that I switch for trail rides but am going to try the Full Bores when the BattleWings wear out.
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