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Slowing Down
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"but generally reasonably smooth for a boxer g/box"

And that is my point. We know that boxer g/box are generally NOT smooth, and some are much worse than others. I have riden boxers with transmissions that shift nicely, so not all are afflicted, fortunately. I unfortunately have gotten two that are. My K12RS was not Suzuki smooth, but was acceptable. My question is not whether or not they can be shifted smooth with any of the techniques that Doug has described (and yes I've tried them all), but if those bikes with g/boxes that do NOT shift smoothly likely to be the ones with downstream drive train problems.

On this bike and the GS I had before the 3 - 2 shift is not that much different than the 2 -1 shift. Question is still open... if the rather unpleasant "clunk" is a contributor to downstream drivetrain problems. Not trying to beat a dead horse, but to figure out if I should be thinking of finding something else to ride at the 36K warranty expiration point!

I love the boxer motor, and the RT is a fabulous mile eater, but when it gets tight or in slower traffic it is painful!


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