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Originally Posted by YamaGeek View Post
What? '08 was awesome, I mean it's a regional meet up and it isn't going to be WestFest, but damn, Linky has tried to keep the spirit of the get together with his couple of mini fests. I happen to like somewhat mellow camp-outs. Seems like a few folks doing a lot of the work at the '08 and '09 Wetfests were Portlanders, guess they don't count as Oregonians?

Or am I somehow missing teh logic of this?
Don't get me wrong I like skomokia and the ships with that being said. I thought it was NWGS that posted up years before but I could b wrong

The comments after 2010 that were expressed was Skamokia was not epic enough so DW picked up the ball and put on an epic Wetfest at a different location, as for my first response, but that got slightly derailed.
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